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The Wellbeing at Work Strategic Framework for Employee Wellbeing

For the past decade, Wellbeing at Work has journeyed side-by-side with the organisations innovating in workplace wellbeing; observing the trials and errors, understanding what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Over this time, we’ve gathered and analysed the best practices, to develop a wellbeing strategy framework. The framework considers the core areas to be addressed in building and implementing a strategy, how they fit together and the factors which determine their effectiveness.

The Wellbeing at Work Framework: Whole-Person, Human-Centred

Our framework puts the individual employee and their core needs at the centre of a strategy, while reaching out beyond HR into the leadership, systems and culture of the organisation.

The framework has three steps, or layers:

  1. Human-centred: Placing an individual’s core needs – of safety, belonging and purpose – at the centre of a strategy, designed to meet and support them.
  2. An Organisational and Individual Approach: Addressing those needs by combining a healthy working environment for all, with a personalised approach for each.
  3. Factors of Effectiveness: Leadership, communication and impact – the key areas of a strategy that will influence its overall impact.

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To dive in deeper and understand how to use this framework to inform your own strategy, we invite you to:

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