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Wellbeing at Work Consultancy

The workplace wellbeing movement has progressed greatly, since we first launched the Wellbeing at Work Summit in 2014. Yet for many companies, challenges remain in areas such as engagement, effectiveness and cohesion of their wellbeing strategy.

Our Bespoke consultancy service uses our framework to help organisations identify the gaps and misalignments in their wellbeing efforts, to build a cohesive, effective wellbeing strategy.

Wellbeing at Work Consultancy

Tailored to your business, the process involves:

1. Assess: We’ll gather the information you have on the key assessment areas of our framework, to understand the company’s wellbeing strategy strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

2. Reflect: We’ll hold a workshop with your leadership team to go through the findings, present trends and case studies of similar companies and provide recommendations for moving forward.

3. Strategise: We’ll work with you to build a wellbeing strategy tailored to the business, including introductions to partners and providers to support in key areas.

4. Move forward & evaluate: A series of coaching sessions, providing ongoing insights and support in which to gauge and ensure progress of the strategy’s implementation,

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Wellbeing at Work Consultancy

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