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Meet the Speaker: Sally Orange, National Ambassador, Army Cadets UK

Sally Orange is National Ambassador from the Army Cadets UK and will be part of our InsideOut Award winner panel discussion in person at The Shard in London on day one of the Wellbeing at Work UK Summit on 20-22 September and we wanted to get her thoughts before she takes to the virtual stage.

We are thrilled that you will be speaking at our Wellbeing at Work UK Summit in September. Our first and most important question is, how are you doing today?

Really well thank you and thank you very much for asking.

As a leader based in the region, what are the main challenges you are facing when it comes to employee wellbeing?

As our volunteers are not employees, our main challenges are balancing a duty of care for their welfare whilst they are with us with provisions that may already be in place for them day-to-day.

The way we volunteer does not allow us to put in place one system which supports everyone as we don’t see them regularly, which means we might not be able to detect changes.  

What strategies have you seen developing in the UK over the past 6-12 months post pandemic to address health and wellbeing in the workplace?

More emphasis around Mental Health training for workplaces. We have adopted some of this training and adapted it to the volunteer organisation.

Why is employee wellbeing so important to you personally?

As a volunteer organisation we attract people from all walks of life, we are that additional activity which isn’t necessary for them. Whilst the benefits of volunteering have been linked to improved well-being we have some areas which can cause additional stress and that’s why looking after our volunteers well-being is so important.   

What are you most looking forward to about the Summit in September?

Meeting and hearing from others in the well-being space as well as the opportunity to speak about the incredible Army Cadet Force and how it is championing the way for it’s volunteers and cadets.

Tell us, what is your vision for the workplace of the future, in terms of employee engagement, health and wellbeing?

From the Army Cadets point of view we are looking at linking our existing training with an adapted Employee Assistance programme to offer additional help and support for those who require it.

What areas do you think employers should be focused on over the next 12-18 months?

Promoting a healthier work-life balance and allowing people to do additional activities which helps improve their wellbeing

How has your organisation been leading the way?

The Army Cadet Force has tried to lead the way in the volunteer setting. We offer training for our volunteers to understand the stresses and anxieties that also face our young people.

Join us at the Wellbeing at Work UK Summit between 20-22 September 2022 in London, Manchester and virtually and hear from Sally and over 60 expert speakers from across the world. Further details here.

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