Improving workplace wellbeing through evidence-based strategies

Being part of the Wellbeing at Work community gives you the opportunity to learn from others facing similar challenges and discover how best to overcome them. It’s about development and growth, improved understanding of how culture affects the workplace and recognising the long-term value of creating a fair and inclusive working environment.

We can provide you with specialist workplace wellbeing consultancy services but embracing lessons learned from your peers is the true value of our Bespoke offering.

As Artificial Intelligence starts to become embedded in every aspect of business and life, we have the opportunity to create balance by shaping more humanistic organisations that focuses on the collective strengths of humans as well as technology.

The data is clear. Those organisations that create learning cultures that support their people to grow and to feel psychologically and socially safe, have more capacity, more creativity and perform at a much higher level, attracting the best talent.

Our Bespoke Services give you the opportunity to feel supported throughout any change process. We operate as an extension of your team, collaborating closely with other stakeholders.

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What is Wellbeing at Work Bespoke?

Every company in our global community is different - in their cultures, industries, structures and in the maturity of their wellbeing strategies. Our Bespoke service meets you exactly where you and your organisation are in your wellbeing journey, to help you identify the gaps and opportunities in taking a cohesive, long-term and strategic approach to staff support.

A Strategic Framework

Our framework places an individual’s fundamental needs at the centre of a wellbeing strategy. Developed alongside People leaders from the companies pioneering in this space, our framework provides a template for employers to understand where they’re going right or wrong, where they might need support and how they can build a holistic wellbeing strategy, for long term success. The framework forms the basis of our consultancy, to guide your own strategy and create a roadmap for a happier, healthier, more productive workforce.


For organisations to see results, it needs a long term, cohesive strategy. Our consultancy service uses our framework to help you to identify any gaps in your current efforts and build a strategy that delivers.

Coaching for Wellbeing Leads

We speak to People and Wellbeing leaders every day - and we understand the challenges of building an internal movement. Our coaching service provides a space for you to zoom out, plan and move forward with confidence.

Talks & Masterclasses

Complement your wellbeing strategy with interactive talks and masterclasses for your employees - providing them with the tools to support themselves in resilience, emotional regulation, social connection and more.

Invite-only events

We host regular roundtable discussions, workshops and strategy sessions, exclusively for Senior Leaders. From private dinners to VIP breakfasts and drinks receptions, for high-level networking and insights, facilitated by hand-picked experts and partners.

What people think about Bespoke

Fantastic session today I really value the groups you pull together, and it was lovely to hear others facing the same challenges and hear how they’ve overcome them. Looking forward to the next round table discussion!

Rolls Royce

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Wellbeing at Work World for our recent B2B healthcare innovation event. Their commitment to delivering a first-class experience and tailored approach truly set them apart. Wellbeing at Work World’s extensive network of business wellbeing leaders and knowledge within the industry really shone through. Every detail was considered, leaving a lasting impression on us and our attendees and ensuring a seamless experience for both.


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