Wellbeing at Work Summits

Our Wellbeing at Work Summits are annual three-day festivals that take place in eight locations across the globe and have been inspiring leaders around the world since 2014 providing invaluable insight and solutions to prioritise wellbeing as a strategic driver of performance.

Wellbeing at Work Hub

The Wellbeing at Work Hub is our online wellbeing membership-based community and platform providing business leaders both locally and globally a trusted resource of invaluable data, insights, support and regular in-person connection to help create a sustainable and comprehensive wellbeing strategy within their organisation.

Wellbeing at Work Bespoke

Change is driven at the top of every organisation and Wellbeing at Work Bespoke provides busy C-Suite executives the opportunity to collaborate and create meaningful change in their organisations and the wider society with strategic discussions, focused meetings and in-company masterclasses.

The Importance of Wellbeing at Work

In such a rapidly evolving workplace environment, prioritising wellbeing at work is more important than ever. A healthy and positive workplace not only benefits employees' mental and physical health, but also contributes to increased productivity, employee engagement and talent retention. By investing in the wellbeing of your workforce, your organisation can demonstrate a commitment to employee success and foster a positive company culture that supports long-term growth.

Wellbeing at Work Best Practices

To effectively promote wellbeing at work, successful organisations know to implement a comprehensive approach that addresses all of the many aspects of employee wellbeing, including mental, emotional and physical health. Best practices include providing resources and support for stress management, promoting work-life balance, encouraging regular breaks and physical activity, offering healthy food options and creating an inclusive and supportive work environment. By taking a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing, you can empower your employees to thrive both personally and professionally. This is where we can support you.

Measuring the Impact of Workplace Wellbeing Initiatives

To assess the effectiveness of wellbeing at work programmes, it's essential for organisations to establish relevant metrics and track progress over time. By measuring key indicators such as employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity, absenteeism and staff turnover rates, you can gain valuable insights into the success of your wellbeing initiatives. Regular evaluation and adjustment of these programmes, based on data-driven insights, will ensure that your operation can continue to create an optimal work environment that supports employee wellbeing and overall business success. By working with Wellbeing at Work you can access and utilise the very best resources to help deliver true employee satisfaction and engagement across your organisation, both for today and for the future.

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What they say

A phenomenal programme with passionate, innovative and successful industry leaders sharing experiences about improving the ever-changing workplace.

Head of Reward & Benefits, Google

A fantastic event! It’s incredibly inspiring and moving to see so many companies investing in the wellbeing of their employees

Employee Experience Lead, We Work

This was the best conference I’ve been to in a long time. The content was spot on. The pace energising. The speakers motivating

Managing Director, Code Worldwide

Thank you all for an amazing, insightful experience packed with interesting, relevant and thought provoking information. I loved the chance to connect, the energy of the online experience and excellent delivery. Very professional with great content!

Global L&D Director, Jurlique International