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Wellbeing at Work Bespoke Event in Singapore

How to prioritise the health of your people, maximise real estate value and optimise performance in the Hybrid World? Breakfast event on Wednesday 2 November from 8:30am – 10:30am in Singapore

Hybrid work is a topic on everyone’s lips. The pandemic made working from home an option, and a number of businesses around the world are deciding how to make hybrid work, work for them. The debate goes far deeper than how many days should I work in the office, to include big questions like:

• What is the purpose of the office?
• How can we use the space to enhance employee experience, culture and wellbeing?
• How can we create a culture underpinned by inclusion and equity?

Join. us for this invite-only breakfast event where we will be sharing key data and insights to bring clarity and confidence to 2023 planning, and diving deep into three interactive discussions on:

• Making the Hybrid Working Environment Work
• Health EQUITY in wellness programs
• How organisations can use space to deliver better mental health outcomes

To register, email Chris.Cummings@wellbeingatwork.world

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