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Australian Financial Wellbeing Expert Webinar

Financial wellbeing can be the glue that keeps many elements of wellbeing together yet at present, we are confronted with an environment of increasing financial uncertainty. COVID 19 has rattled the finances of many households plus we face the troubling trio of inflation, rising interest rates and global unrest. Financial stress is impacting many households and the need for support around this at work is increasing.


  • 60 % of Australians work pay cheque to pay cheque
  • Only 38% have more than $5.000 in savings for emergency 2021
  • Australian inflation rate is currently above 6%
  • Average home loan has increased
  • Interest rates on the rise (interest rate rise of 1% equates to an extra $5000 – $8000 per year in repayments)
  • Australian families continue to leave savings on the table due to inaction or lack of knowledge

    Many people can’t see their own blind spots or are subject to decision biases. There’s a large amount of information out there and it can be overwhelming to ascertain what can be relied upon by both employers and employees.

    Who is being left behind?
    ☞ Those with lower levels of financial literacy
    ☞ Those with lower levels of financial resources
    ☞ Those who over time have not developed base skills and
    knowledge and lack the confidence to act
    ☞ Those who are time poor or in industries that have roles
    significantly impacted by COVID- frontline
    ☞ Those with lower awareness of where to go to for help
    ☞ Those who work in industries or workplaces that don’t create
    a safe place to develop awareness, skills and support.

    In this webinar, learn:
  • How to recognise someone with a problem
  • How to position yourself to be included in the circle of trust
  • Why leaving it as “the employees’ responsibility” has major risks
  • Different ways for individuals to become more financially aware
  • To empower your teams to make more informed decisions
  • That you can make a positive impact

    Join Darren Smith, Founder and Managing Director of Financial Wellness Matters, who has decades of Financial Wellbeing experience in this fantastic webinar recording below.

Download the supporting Employer Guide to Financial Wellbeing here.

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