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Wellbeing at Work Bespoke Event on 22 February in Singapore

How can you measure employee experience across Asia, analyse and implement change? Join us for our latest breakfast round table event in Singapore titled Organizational Network Analysis: Measuring Employee Experience (EX). This event is for senior-leaders from organizations based in Singapore and takes place on Wednesday 22 February from 8:30am – 10:30am in Singapore

Employee experience (EX) is a topic on everyone’s lips as organisations look to attract and retain talent and provide an open culture for all. The pandemic made working from home an option, and a number of businesses around the world are deciding how to make EX a success.

Join. us for this invite-only breakfast event where we will be sharing key data and insights to bring clarity and confidence to 2023 planning, and diving deep into interactive discussions.

To register, email Michelle.Seaton@wellbeingatwork.world

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