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Webinar: In conversation with Sally Gunnell OBE at 1pm (BST) on 22 July 2024

To celebrate the start of the Olympic Games, we’re very excited to announce a live conversation with the iconic Sally Gunnell OBE!

Sally’s journey from a small village in Essex to the pinnacle of global athletics is nothing short of extraordinary and she remains the only woman to hold four major track titles concurrently: Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth.

Sally will share some of the invaluable wisdom she’s gathered throughout her career, the strategies that fuelled her success and how you can apply these to your own life.

We’ll discuss:

✅ how to harness the mindset of an elite athlete

✅ strategies for navigating challenges and overcoming setbacks

✅ the key pillars of peak performance and how we can all apply these to our goals.

As she is still deeply involved in athletics alongside her husband and leading coach Jon Bigg, Sally will also be giving us lots of behind-the-scenes insights in what it’s like to compete in the Olympics 2024, from the rigorous physical and mental preparation, to life in the Olympic Village.

🗣 Live Q&A: Get your questions answered by Sally herself! This is your chance to chat with a sporting legend.

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