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Join our Wellbeing at Work Webinar focused on Understanding menopause in the workplace – are you ready? at 11am (BST) on 30 May 2024

Wellbeing at Work Hub Webinar on 30 May 2024.

Join us for our next webinar on 30 May at 11am BST focused on the menopause. On 29 February 2024 the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) issued guidance to all UK based companies and international companies with offices in the UK, about the legal obligations required to support workers going through the menopause.

With women over the age of 50 being the fastest growing demographic in the workplace, it’s vital that you equip your workforce with the right information to ensure you support menopausal people and meet the recent guidance issued by the EHRC.

In this webinar, where all are welcome, you’ll learn what you need to have in place to create a meno friendly workplace for your employees and protect your business.

We’ll look at what it means to go through menopause and the signs and symptoms of menopause. We’ll provide evidence based insights on how it can impact your teams and individuals who may be affected by this transition, either directly or indirectly and tips on how to provide support.

We hope that by raising awareness about this important topic, we can encourage more businesses to provide their workforce with the tools needed to improve workplace wellbeing and create a culture that supports inclusivity, increases productivity and decreases absence and costs due to menopause. Please be aware that we will discuss content that some people may find sensitive or personal. The information provided is for general educational information only, it is not intended to be a substitute or provide a form of specific medical advice and it should not be used for clinical management of specific cases.

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