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Our 2022 Wellbeing at Work hub focused seasons revealed

Six focused seasons this year.

We are delighted to announce our 2022 seasonal focus for the Wellbeing at Work Hub, our global online community to help you create a comprehensive and successful wellbeing strategy within your organisation. After extensive research with our communities, we have created a calendar of essential focused areas that have proved to be the most pressing issues faced by HR and Wellbeing leaders around the world:

  • January-February 2022 (Mobilise): Covering the future of hybrid working, workspace planning and flexibility
  • March-April 2022 (Equity): Covering diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity in the workplace
  • May-June 2022 (Strategy): Covering leadership, culture, authentic and human leadership at work
  • July-August 2022 (Purpose): Covering future skills and learning, resilience and purpose in a working environment
  • September-October 2022 (Mental Health): Covering mental fitness, mental health and measurement
  • November-December 2022 (Tech): Covering the latest technology and data development in wellbeing at work

The Wellbeing at Work Hub is a global membership-based, community platform providing business and HR leaders with the tools to achieve excellence in workplace wellbeing. Members have access to invaluable data, templates, toolkits, global studies, micro-learning and insights to help create successful mental health and wellbeing strategies. The Hub’s community app connects like-minded HR leaders around the world to help you build a workplace wellbeing network, exchange ideas and share best practice.

You can join as a member for one season (two months) or take an annual membership for 12 months. Further details can be found on our Hub homepage below.

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