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Conversations on Wellbeing at Work: Seth Fox

Since the advent of Covid in early 2020 we have witnessed an unprecedented increase in interest in employee wellbeing and workplace culture. As the leader in employee experience at S&P Global, Seth Fox is at the heart of a shift towards a more people centred approach to work.

In this conversation we discuss how S&P addresses the physical, mental, social and financial aspects of wellness and even touch on the spiritual dimension. We talk about how critical a seamless digital employee experience is to workplace wellbeing.

Seth believes passionately in taking a wholistic approach to wellbeing and the positive impact technology can have when implemented well.

Seth will be speaking at our 2023 New York Summit on March 7.

Check out this fantastic podcast here and meet Seth in-person at our 2023 New York Summit here on March 7.

Conversations on Wellbeing at Work

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