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Conversations on Wellbeing at Work: Exploring The Impact of AI on Employee Wellness: A Conversation with Meg Price, Co-Founder of Noacoach

Imagine utilizing artificial intelligence to improve wellness in your workplace – sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s no longer just a dream. 

Join us as we chat with Meg Price, the trailblazing co-founder, and product director of Noacoach, a tech startup that’s reshaping the wellbeing journeys of employees. Noacoach has harnessed the power of AI to provide accessible and low-cost coaching round the clock. Listen in and get a first-hand account of how this innovative platform combines neuroscience-backed activities with AI coaching to revolutionize the wellness space.

But that’s not all, we dive into the fascinating area of cognitive behavioral coaching and the role AI can play in it. We question whether AI is a mere tool, or can it truly be a technology partner fostering a human connection? We take on the weighty responsibility that tech developers bear to create tech that doesn’t just dazzle us, but genuinely serves us. But, we also confront the potential pitfalls – could we become too reliant on AI? How does it impact our psychological safety at work?

Our conversation further turns towards the ever-important balance between technology and nature. We ponder on how tech not only enhances connections but also prompts us to disconnect and appreciate the world outside the screens. The icing on the cake is a sneak peek into the upcoming conference summit and the considerable value it promises. So, tune in as we traverse through the intricate world of AI and wellbeing at work. This episode promises to stimulate your mind, challenge your perspectives, and leave you with food for thought.

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