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Conversations on Wellbeing at Work: A Transformative Perspective with Chris Cummings, Founder and CEO, Wellbeing at Work World

If you have ever wanted to know more about how shifts in approaches to well-being are changing the workplace then you need to listen to this conversation with Chris Cummings.  As Founder and CEO of Wellbeing at Work World, Chris is uniquely well placed to identify and understand the global changes taking place that underly the increased emphasis on workplace wellbeing and how top performing companies are responding. Chris shares his insights, the genesis of his deep commitment to workplace wellbeing,  and the evolution he has witnessed and helped drive in the last ten years.

For Chris wellbeing has never been about wellness initiates but rather a fundamental rethinking of work, leadership and culture.  And it has always been about the performance of your people and your company.

Chris  delves into the value of acknowledging neurodiversity, particularly the role introverts play in shaping an organisation. Learn why it’s not always the loudest voices we need to heed, and how a work culture that encourages everyone’s contribution is key. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly impacted our perspective on work-life balance, and as we transition back to office life, leaders need to consider their employees’ varied needs. We discuss the varying reactions to this change, underlining the importance of a holistic view on wellbeing at work.

Chris emphasises the need for a transformation in traditional work cultures, with a focus on creating an environment where people can truly thrive. Tune in and discover how investing in well-being at work can make a profound difference – not just in terms of employee engagement but in the business performance of your organisation.

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Conversations on Wellbeing at Work

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