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Why ‘business’ is the answer to the global health crisis

by Benjamin Haynes.

We are living in a time of unprecedented growth and affluence, and yet at the same time the very nations at the peak of this golden age are sicker than ever. 

Burnout, mental exhaustion, loneliness, the great resignation and chronic health conditions are occurring at a scale never before seen, forcing us as both individuals and employers to re-think our approaches to business as usual. 

This is where you come in. 

Collectively, corporate business has the potential to transform the health of humanity on a global scale. It is recognised that people spend a full one third of their entire lives engaged in ‘work’ and accordingly, positive change occurring in this sphere of our existence has an enormous impact on our overall wellbeing – and by extension, the wellbeing of our families and extended communities too. 

But traditional approaches to wellbeing at work are falling short of the mark in terms of genuinely impacting the health and happiness of employees. At best, a series of well-intentioned but generic tactics leads to short-term spikes in reported wellbeing scores, but they fail to uncover and address the true underlying issues impacting day-to-day stress levels of your team leading to sustained improvement, or to create the cultural shifts needed within the organisation to see wellbeing as a strategic priority. 

To truly transform the lives of your people and positively impact the bottom line of the business, your workplace wellness strategy must:

1) seek to align your people and initiatives with the higher purpose of the business helping to strengthen it from within

2) create a shared identity-forming narrative and associated employee experience that builds real community 

3) take a holistic view of your people, processes and environment to uncover true insights and opportunities. 

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