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Wellbeing at Work Talks & Masterclasses

Provide your leaders with guidance; provide your people with tools. Our wellbeing at work masterclasses present the most important factors to consider in maintaining and supporting wellbeing, either for an individual and/or an organisation.

For Staff: Tools for success

Provide your people with insights, exercises, tools and resources for maintaining their own wellbeing, inside and outside of work. Some of our sessions include:

  • The Art of Resilience – Tools for supporting yourself, knowing your limits and using pressure wisely
  • Wellbeing habits – Understanding the key areas for supporting yourself and building them into your week
  • Headline Overload – Supporting your mental health in the context of a turbulent world
  • Regulating emotions – Understanding your monkey mind and how to tame it
  • Finding Connection – The importance of social connection and how to get more of it.

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For Leadership teams: Our Strategic Framework

Bring your leadership team together to focus some time on the core issues, challenges and solutions to your wellbeing strategy with our strategic framework and expert team. This is supported by our flagship leadership workshop entitled ‘From Tactics to Strategy’ where we provide a comprehensive review of your current situation and provide expert analysis and recommendations based on our global expertise.

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Wellbeing at Work Talks & Masterclasses

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