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Wellbeing at Work Global Partnerships

As part of our Bespoke service – bringing tailored events and insights to you and your organisation – we’re offering a series of interactive talks for your staff, during the week of World Mental Health Day on Oct 10; providing tools and exercises to maintain mental wellbeing through these turbulent times, both in and out of work.When it comes to workplace wellbeing, your business and your people have their own, unique challenges. So what are they – and how can we help?

Wellbeing at Work creates Bespoke partnerships with multinational organisations, who aim to create consistency across their global wellbeing strategy.

Our Global Partnerships provide support for companies navigating universal company values across varied cultures and legal systems. We do this by providing:

Wellbeing at Work Global Partnerships
  • Territory-specific insights and consultancy: Working with local delivery partners to provide strategy guidance specific to each region
  • Global Hub memberships: For you and your team to connect with People leaders around the world, share our local and global content, insights and resources.
  • Regional Summit passes: Providing a consistent voice, gathering pioneering companies across all continents at our annual conferences and 
  • Global provider network: Connect with our unique partners who work across countries, cultures and languages

We take a tailored and personalised approach to every wellbeing at work global project and have the deep knowledge and global expertise to bring the best solutions to your organisation.

We’d love to speak to you about how this can best apply to you. Please leave your details below and we’ll be in touch!

Wellbeing at Work Global Partnerships

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