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Wellbeing at Work Bespoke:

Masterclasses: Bringing Summit Insights to Your Boardroom

With a decade’s worth of global insights, Wellbeing at Work now offers 7 masterclasses for your Senior Management Team, each offering market data, case studies and a space to generate strategic ideas to address the specific challenges of your company.

Based on our framework of 6 pillars for wellbeing strategy success, employers can choose from any or all of the following masterclasses, in-person or online:

1. Leadership: Competencies & Strategies for an Evolving Workplace

2. Purpose: Bring Motivation through Mission

3. Personalisation: Build a culture where every individual can flourish

4. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Create a Culture of Belonging

5. Environment: Physical and Virtual Workspaces for Wellbeing & Productivity

6. Connection: Turn Workplaces into Communities

7. The Strategy of Wellbeing: Full overview of the 6 pillars

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Masterclasses: Bringing Summit Insights to Your Boardroom

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