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Webinar: The Power of Sport for Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

Gain insight, and hear real-life examples, on how sport can increase employee engagement and wellbeing in your organization

How can organizations bring the power of sport into their culture to improve wellbeing and engagement?

Watch our Wellbeing at Work Bespoke webinar where you will hear from Mason Plumlee (Professional Basketball player), Jun Yoshida (LinkedIn’s Wellness Leader) and Sheena Lister (CEO of Workforce Athletics) who will help you to shape your future strategy and provide key take-aways.

Key learning outcomes from this free to attend webinar:

  • 3 top tips on how Linkedin has used sports in the workplace to engage employees and improve wellbeing
  • 3 top tips on what can be taken from a pro-sports perspective and applied to employee wellbeing and engagement in the workplace
  • Real-left case studies of successful sporting initiatives and the results for the organization

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