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Robust Mental Wellbeing – Global Wellness Institute

In today’s world, Mental Health seems to be a hot topic. Perhaps that is a good thing. However, it seems that the conversations are slanted toward the apparent prevalence of mental illness and the risks of people slipping into mental illness. 

Consequently, mental health first aid training has become the norm as organisations launch a rear-guard action to prevent workers compensation claims for mental illness. 

But what is mental illness? We hear terms like depression and anxiety. But is someone mentally ill simply because they feel anxious or depressed? Is a person who is sad or dejected actually depressed, or an incessant worrier actually suffering from an anxiety disorder?

What if we were to take a step in a different direction and support people to become mentally “very well”? This can be done. How? By helping people to re-learn actions, behaviors and attitudes that leave them feeling good about themselves.

Many get lost in self-doubt, self-criticism, and self-degrading thinking. What would happen if they began engaging in actions that naturally created mind activity that opposed those mental states?

This has been proven, for centuries, to be highly effective. Fundamentally, we seek to teach people how to conduct their lives in a  way that leaves them feeling good about who they are. When you begin to like yourself, you worry less about what other people think of you.

Global Wellness Institute’s low-cost Care series of educational posters and support videos will gently ease your people into a new and enjoyable way of living their lives. Your workplace culture will evolve into a friendly, productive place that people want to be part of.

You will find it here.

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