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Meet the Speaker: Mick Todd, Founder & CEO, 2b Limitless

Mick Todd is an Australian born success and leadership coach and trainer who has university qualifications in education, psychology and organisational behaviour. These core skills are annexed under a qualification as a professional coach from the NLP Mindbridge Institute in North Carolina and through his work on Leadership Agility with Dr. Bill Joiner at MIT.

Mick has been coaching and developing leaders and organizations around the world for the last eighteen years. His focus is developing the rituals of great leadership at the most senior level in order to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their key outcomes.

We caught up with Mick in preparation for his involvement in the Wellbeing at Work Middle East Summit on 21-23 February to find out why he is so passionate about wellbeing at work and why he is looking forward to the Summit.

We are thrilled that you will be speaking at our Wellbeing at Work Middle East Summit in February. Our first and most important question is, how are you doing today?

‘Contagious is one of my values… The energy and enthusiasm to transform.’ I am on fire at the moment, focused on my high-performance rituals and connection with the high-performance people – These are the sources of my energy.

As a leader based in the region, what are the main challenges you are facing when it comes to employee wellbeing?

The volume, speed and international nature of our work means that our people need to be responsive, on and dynamic in the way that they interact with our clients. Our business is all about experience SO it requires them to manage their energy and have a real deep understanding of their rituals and what drives ‘a great week’.

What strategies have you seen developing in the region over the past 6-12 months to address health and wellbeing in the workplace?

It is great to see brands like ‘Pure Gym’ initiatives like the ‘Well Being at Work Summit’ evolve… We are also excited by the number of coaching enquires we have had around focusing on strengths and individuals, executives, teams and organisations thinking different and better.

Why is employee wellbeing so important to you personally?

Our purpose is – ‘Because your world needs you at your best…’ We are passionate about the impact on the world that everybody gets to turn up at their best… Imagine! What we know is that the three things that correlate most positively are… ‘Engaged Employees, Client Experience and Profitability’… Engaged Employees is the lead indicator, Great Client Experience is the driver and Profitability is the key outcome. SO it makes sense on all levels of business that employee well-being is a central driver of success.

What are you most looking forward to about our event in February?

The opportunity for exposure to new information and experiences around what the emerging trends in the high-performance workplace and learning from and engaging with other leaders in the field.

Tell us, what is your vision for the workplace of the future, in terms of employee engagement, health and wellbeing?

We now spend more time at work than anywhere else… My vision is a place where employees Love their;
– Work
– Team
– Clients
– Leaders
– Life
How do we create places and spaces that energise and engage our people in a way that brings work to life like this.

What areas do you think employers should be focused on over the next 12-18

Strengths – ‘What will happen when we start focusing on what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them.’ The science tells us that people that focus on their strengths are;
– Three times more likely to report a high quality of life
– Six times more likely to be engaged at work
– More productive and profitable
– Treat teammates and clients better

How has your organisation been leading the way?

Our focus is;
– Work with doing – Purpose
– Leaders’ worth following – Authentic Inspiration
– A culture worth contributing to – Rituals that energise, connect and empower

As a culture we focus on;
– Autonomy
– Recognition
– Connection
– Purpose

Our rituals are built around our ‘Great week focus’
– Quality team sessions
– Great 1-1s
– Understanding the people behind the role…

Mick will be speaking in Riyadh at the Wellbeing at Work Middle East Summit that takes place both live and in-person in Riyadh and Dubai and virtually for the wider region. Further details on the Summit can be found here.

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