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Fika x Healogix – Press Release

Fika is proud to announce it has launched with the US-based market research firm Healogix Consulting LLC as the first US-based client for its fully integrated, micro-training, Mental Fitness platform.

Healogix, founded in 2004, is a well-established brand in its field. Their core focus is to help leading and emerging pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies achieve successful product development and commercial clarity. Fika, founded in 2017, helps businesses create inclusive and healthy workplace cultures by boosting teamwork, trust and confidence. Such results are underpinned by Fika Mental Fitness Science, proven to provide great experiences and positive impact for both individuals and organizations.

Robin Lawlor, Chief Administrative Officer at Healogix said: “We have chosen the Fika software platform to bring a proactive approach to staff wellbeing and mental health. Their focus on skills development and micro-training to improve and promote an inclusive team culture is an excellent fit with Healogix”

Nick Bennett, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Fika, said: “Healogix is an impressive company and does brilliant work in its field of market research. We are proud to be working with them as our first US-based customer. This partnership represents an important milestone in our journey to mainstream Mental Fitness around the world.”

The Fika platform offers tools for both teams and individuals. The Team Tools connect colleagues by integrating group soft skill exercises into work calendars and existing meetings, whether in-person, virtually, or hybrid. The Individual Tools prevent mental health decline and improve life efficacy through bite-sized training courses available via the web and a mobile app.

Fika will be used within Healogix to combat key people and culture risks: retaining and attracting talent; engaging the hybrid workforce; managing relationships; improving equity and inclusion; and preventing mental health decline. With Healogix’s hybrid working environment and focus on proactive employee wellbeing and team culture, Fika is an ideal fit.

As Healogix have ambitious plans for further expansion in the US market research field in 2023, Fika is well positioned to help them achieve their passion of enabling the lifecycle success of pharma and biotech products that make a positive difference in people’s lives.

For more information about Healogix and the work they do, visit: https://healogix.com/

For more information about Fika and the work they do, visit: https://www.fika.community/

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