December 9, 2021 All Articles

Combining performance with wellbeing

How can you aim for peak performance, whilst still maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing? Dr Adrian Medhurst started life as an elite athlete and had a profound experience that taught him to use his own mindset to pull him through an impossible situation, allowing him to compete for his country.

In this interview you’ll hear his remarkable story and discover:

  • How to reprogramme your brain to turn a bad situation good
  • Where the learning from this experience can be applied to organisational wellbeing
  • How to foster a culture of wellbeing
  • How to deal with the negative connotations of perfectionism
  • How work-life balance works in practice
  • The resources needed to help an organisation harness the performance of its employees, whilst at the same time building their wellbeing
  • Where to get started to get on track to grow

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