Wellbeing at Work Middle East Summit returns in February 2022!

An outstanding experience confirmed for the Wellbeing at Work Middle East Summit 2022. The 6th annual Wellbeing at Work Middle East Summit returns to Dubai between 21-23 February 2022 and the three-day hybrid festival promises to be the most inspiring experience to date. Over 40 of the world’s leading minds will take to the stage […]

Join our Hub Mobilise Webinar on 26 January 2022

Hub Mobilise Season Webinar on 26 January 2022. What are the latest trends, real-life data and success stories for hybrid working and the future of work? This is certainly an area of rich debate and one that our community continues to grapple with as we move into 2022. Join us at 11am GMT on Wednesday […]

Mental health UK think-tank makes significant progress

Fantastic progress on developing a framework for employers In November 2021 at The Soke in London, we hosted our inaugural mental health think-tank and brought together a passionate group of C-Suite leaders from employers to build a detailed framework for purchasing mental health services. In the last 2-3 years, there has been an explosion of […]

Our 2022 Wellbeing at Work hub focused seasons revealed

Six focused seasons this year. We are delighted to announce our 2022 seasonal focus for the Wellbeing at Work Hub, our global online community to help you create a comprehensive and successful wellbeing strategy within your organisation. After extensive research with our communities, we have created a calendar of essential focused areas that have proved […]

7 trends that will shape workplace mental health in 2022

The present is still uncertain, but the future of workplace mental health is shiny. If 2020 was about upheaval, the story of 2021 may well be uncertainty and all signs point to 2022 being the year of action. This handbook from our friends is the result of them polling 1,500 HR decision-makers and trusted partners […]

Our Wellbeing at Work global summit 2022 calendar revealed

Eight global locations confirmed for 2022! The Wellbeing at Work Summits return in 2022 with a comprehensive global series covering all areas of the globe and driving our key message to make wellbeing and mental health a strategic priority in every organisation in the world. Our 6th annual Middle East Summit is first-up on 21-23 […]

Flourish in uncertain times

Are you done with this pandemic? Do you just want things to return to how they used to be, and are raging against this ‘new normal’ that you now find yourself a part of? This conversation with Sue Langley from the Langley Group helps to reframe some of the things that you might be feeling. […]

Combining performance with wellbeing

How can you aim for peak performance, whilst still maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing? Dr Adrian Medhurst started life as an elite athlete and had a profound experience that taught him to use his own mindset to pull him through an impossible situation, allowing him to compete for his country. In this interview you’ll […]

What is the mood of your business?

Humanity is facing an existential crisis; the way we work and live. The impact will be massive but how can you measure it? Recent research, news and commentary suggest a radical realignment in the job market which spells bad news for retention and people risk in general. Nearly 1 in 3 professionals said they had […]